Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Dog Bites Cause Serious, Permanent & Even Deadly Injuries

While many of incidents involve dogs biting members of their own households, sometimes dogs bite other individuals due to their owner’s negligence. If you’ve been bitten by a dog, contact us to see if you have a case.

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Even though negligence and dog bite laws provide protection for citizens who are injured by vicious dogs, liability must be proven and damages must established.

Our personal injury lawyers can thoroughly investigate the incident to establish fault, assess the full extent of your injuries, and aggressively pursue a claim on your behalf for the maximum compensation you are entitled to receive.


Victims of dog bites may also take legal action against at-fault parties based on the doctrine of negligence. In these cases, the victim must prove the other party responsible for the animal was negligent in some way, failing to exercise reasonable care for the safety of others in the circumstances. An example may be an employee who is supposed to be managing sheep in a petting zoo, but is distracted and leaves the gate open. If a sheep escapes and knocks over a child, causing him or her to be injured, the petting zoo may be held accountable.


Financial compensation may be awarded to a dog bite or animal attack victim for virtually any type of injury sustained, not only from a bite itself but from being knocked to the ground or otherwise injured. This compensation may cover medical expenses, continuing medical treatment, loss of earnings, emotional trauma, pain, suffering and property damage. Recovering maximum compensation can make all the difference as a victim works to rebuild his or her life. To find an injury attorney at our firm that can help with your dog bite case, please call our offices for a free, confidential consultation at (800) US-LAWYER.

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